Say “It Never Happened” With an Expungement

If a past mistake is stopping you from having the life you want, we can help. Choosing to pursue an expungement is a big decision and our experienced lawyers will lead you through each step, from determining eligibility to filing. Rely on our expert guidance throughout the expungement process, so you can erase a conviction from your record and finally put the past behind you.

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How Hiring Us Works

Tell Us About Your Case

Tell Us Your Story

Send us all the details and documents relating to your conviction, and we'll start analyzing your situation.

We Meet With You

We Investigate

Our team uses your case information to check whether you’re eligible for an expungement. You won’t pay a dime until your eligibility is confirmed.

We Defend You

We Apply for You

Once your eligibility is confirmed, we take it from there and apply for an expungement on your behalf.

The First Step To A Clean Record

There's no pressure. We'll simply start by figuring out if you're eligible.