A pardon is an act of forgiveness by the Governor. It demonstrates that you are a responsible citizen re-entering society after a conviction. With a pardon, you regain specific civil rights after a conviction.

Pardons are distinctly different from commutations (a reduction of your sentence) and expungements (removal of your record from public view). Simply obtaining a commutation or expunging your record won’t restore all of your rights. You may ultimately decide to pursue several or all three to achieve the maximum relief available to you.

An active criminal record is an endless sentence

A criminal record in Oklahoma is basically a second sentence you serve for life. It can restrict you from certain job licenses, liquor licenses, jury participation, public housing, student loans, voting and running in elections, possessing firearms, and more.

Many jobs require a license or certification with a background check. Employers, universities, and lenders use arrest records to reject applicants, even when charges were dismissed.

But there is a path to move past a conviction and retake control of your life.

Get professional help

Applying for a pardon is challenging and complicated. It is crucial to present the most persuasive and complete argument possible in your petition to the Pardon and Parole Board.

You’ll want the best advocacy possible to present a compelling case and overcome any challenges. We can help you navigate the process and put your best case before the Pardon and Parole Board.

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