Getting An Expungement

Sometimes bad things happen to good people, but there’s no need for a mistake to follow you forever. An expungement seals your criminal record from public view. Successfully expunging your record means:

  • You can say that you do not have a criminal record when asked, such as on job applications.
  • You can’t be compelled to share your record
  • you can’t be denied a job or housing for refusing to show an expunged record.

Research shows that people with expunged records see a major increase in employment opportunities, salary, and benefits.

Get professional help

Applying to expunge your record is challenging and complicated. It is crucial to present the most persuasive and complete argument possible in your petition.

The court must weigh your request for expungement against the public’s interest in having your record remain visible. Police and the State of Oklahoma can intervene to block your expungement, even if you satisfy all requirements.

You’ll want the best advocacy possible to present a compelling case and overcome any challenges. We can help you navigate the expungement process and put your best case before the court.

Take your life back now

New Oklahoma laws make it easier than ever to seek relief through expungement:

  • Waiting times have been reduced
  • The number of people eligible has grown
  • Some felonies can be expunged without a pardon for the first time

There’s never been a better time to move on and get your life back. Your past doesn’t have to define your future. We have helped hundreds of people move on with their lives from a mistake without serving a second, permanent sentence in the form of a criminal record. Schedule a free consultation with us today to discuss your eligibility.