What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

  • Becca K.

    Becca K.

    Sabah is incredible at his job and was extremely easy to work with. He was always responsive, made me feel more at ease throughout the process. I do hope I don't need an attorney again, but if I do I will 100% be calling Sabah. Gets things done!

  • Billy H.

    Billy H.

    Zach Smith is an amazing attorney. Zach represented me and he made sure he was there with me every step. I wasn't sure what to expect and after meeting with him, he told me what to expect in every detail. When in court I was so nervous at first but with Zach there I got relaxed and confident. He made it all work great and solved the issue. Thanks so much. Great job Zach Smith.

  • Dane D.

    Dane D.

    My Son David was arrested for DUI, pretty intense. He was in accident and had some injuries to his head. They gave him a Breath test on site and had him walk the line with the injury. He was taken to jail. I asked the bail guy, whos the best DUI attorney in Tulsa, he said the DUIGUY. Zach was amazing, and was able to get the DUI dismissed, but more importantly he knew the DLicense was key at that very moment. He won the DL hearing this meant his license would not be revoked, nor would he be required to have a a blow device if convicted, of course he we won the case. But if we had lost, winning the DL hearing meant no devices etc as mentioned. AS a result of everything Davids driving record is clean, and will not show any any arrest for a DUI. If you are faced with a situation like we were faced with, if you dont go with the best, then you are gambling with the future of the people involved. His fees were awesome, his feedback was crucial and specific. He knows this area, he is an Expert in this Field. You have to go with the best, that would be Zach.

  • Dianne W.

    Dianne W.

    This man, Sabah Khalaf, is not JUST an attorney; he is a brilliant, wise, kind and highly-evolved human being. He was my lawyer - yes. And in that capacity he acted knowledgeably and quickly and got the job done better than any other attorney could have. He was amazing. A miracle. But I still say what impressed me the most was his kindness.

  • Jihed G.

    Jihed G.

    The best Attorney Ever! I highly recommend him, he will definitely take care of your case, I am more than happy and satisfied with his representation, he is very smart knowledgeable professional and easy to work with. Thank you again Dr Sabah

  • John B.

    John B.

    One of the best attorneys ever, very thorough, extremely friendly & honest! Highly recommend him to anyone needing his services! He gets the job done!!!

  • Nancy P.

    Nancy P.

    I hired Zack after i was arrested for a DUI. Due to my profession, i was very scared about what might happen to me as well as my job. Zach was a straight shooter, knew exactly how my case would turn out before the court dates and was very good at keeping me calm throughout this very hectic and nerve wrecking time in my life. Zack was able to get me a deferred sentence and also won my Driver's license hearing to that my DL will never be revoked. I will never require to have a blow device installed in my vehicle, something you would normally have to do for an additional 18 months after a 6 month suspension (if i had lost). Zack was honest with me during the entire process and delivered what he promised. He is an excellent DUI attorney and would highly recommend him!

  • Terry T.

    Terry T.

    Sabah Khalaf did a great job for me. Easy to work with. He explained things thoroughly and quickly. He was always to the point and was very respectful of my time and responded quickly to all of my questions. I would not hesitate to use him again!!

  • Wes


    Well, if the five stars do not speak for themselves; Let me just fill you in on how good Sabah is... I went to court once for a small situation and saw a long line of people without attorneys. We skipped that and were in/out with the best possible outcome ever. I am still bouncing with joy over the weight lifted off my shoulders, because I picked the best lawyer ever! Do what he recommends that you do, and feel confident that he has an understanding of the law fit for awards. A Very upstanding gentleman; you won’t regret.

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